How to Apply for a new Gas Cylinder Connection

Obtaining a Gas Connection may sometimes seem to be a cumbersome process but as a matter of fact, it is fairly easy and quick if proper steps are followed. A Gas connection requires providing an Affidavit which states the full names, addresses of the applicant and the respective spouse’s details about the gas connection applied for.

Simple Procedure for getting a gas connection

Taking a new connection for the first time might take slightly longer time whereas getting additional cylinder at the future date takes negligible time. The first step is to fill a KYC form online at the agency from which the customer wishes to take a new connection. There is also a facility to get the gas connection transferred from the old place and this again requires filling a KYC form.

There are basically two proofs that are involved in KYC information, Identity proof and address proof. The copies of residence proof and address proof are to be presented to the nearest gas agency suited to the customer. The current address along with the permanent address is required to be mentioned in the form.

An affidavit containing all the information about the customer is printed on a stamp paper of either Rs. 10 or 20 and presented to the agency along with the requisite fees in order to obtain a new gas connection. There are some major gas connection agencies such as Indane, HP, Bharat Petroleum Gas and the procedure involved to get a connection in all three is more or less same.

A New Gas Connection booking reference number is allocated to the customer at the time of giving connection which is required to be secured for future purposes of connection, transfer or cancellation.


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