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Power of Attorney_NRI

Power of Attorney by NRI (Non Resident Indian) and its uses.

Who is an NRI? An Indian abroad is popularly known as Non-Resident Indian (NRI). NRI is legally defined under the ...
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Indminity Bond

What is an Indemnity Bond..?

Indemnity Bond Indemnity Bond or a Surety Bond is an undertaking given by a party entering into a contract promising ...
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Avoid unforeseen disputes - Write a WILL

What is your WILL after you die?

A Will is a legal instrument which mentions the desire of a person regarding the transfer of his/her estate after ...
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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney: What is a power of attorney? should you register Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney It is an instrument that gives authority to undertake legal matters on behalf of a person called ...
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Trademark Licensing

Trademark Licensing Agreement

Trademark Licensing is required when a trademark owner/licensor authorises the licensee to use the mark for trade or business purpose ...
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copyright Featured Imgae

How to obtain Copyright for intellectual property

License to use copyright Copyright is an intellectual property right which gives the author or creator of original work a ...
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Memorandum of Understanding – MOU

An MOU is a formal written document specifying the mutually agreed terms and conditions between two individuals or organizations seeking ...
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Settlement Agreement

A Settlement Agreement, also known as a Compromise Agreement, contains the terms including financial settlement by which the Employer Employee ...
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